Selecting With Intent:

The Backbone of REMAKE's Products

Welcome to REMAKE's essentials: where we champion fewer, better ingredients. We've cut out the clutter to focus on what really benefits your skin. Our transparent, no-nonsense approach means you get effective, purposeful ingredients with no hidden surprises. Every ingredient is chosen for its power and purpose – it's skincare simplified, for you and the planet.


Hero Ingredients

At REMAKE, we don't just choose ingredients; we celebrate them. Our selection process is all about finding the gems – ingredients that science adores and your skin craves. We focus on nurturing your skin's barrier and microbiome, because that's the foundation of great skin.

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Ingredients We Avoid

At REMAKE, it's all about what's in and what's out. We're committed to skincare that really looks after your skin, without the nasties. No parabens, silicones, sulphates, or DEA/TEA/MEA here. Just purposeful ingredients for maximum effectiveness and safety. Embrace the REMAKE way of skincare – simple, safe, effective

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Less is More: A Greener Choice

At REMAKE, we believe choosing minimal ingredients is a game-changer – for your skin and our planet. Fewer ingredients mean less emissions, reduced resource use, and minimised waste. It's all about a sleeker approach that's in sync with our vision for a sustainable and eco-conscious future. Every choice is about treading lighter on our Earth.


Quality Standards

At REMAKE, we set the bar high and keep it there. Every formula goes through the wringer - think intense stability checks, freeze-thaw tests, and thorough packaging compatibility assessments. Why? Because when our products finally meet your skin, we want them to be nothing short of top-notch. This relentless dedication is our way of guaranteeing you get the very best, every time.


Why does REMAKE focus on minimal ingredients in its formulas?

REMAKE is all about minimalism for maximum impact. We believe in giving your skin just what it needs – no more, no less. It's a focused approach, ensuring each ingredient serves a purpose, making your skincare routine both efficient and effective.

What's REMAKE's philosophy on ingredient selection?

Simple and effective – that's our motto for ingredient selection. We stick with what’s proven, using ingredients that are direct and powerful. No frills or unnecessary extras. Just straightforward, beneficial ingredients that your skin will adore.

How does REMAKE source its skincare ingredients?

In our quest for the best, REMAKE sources ingredients with care and intention. We partner with suppliers who live and breathe quality and ethics. They ensure that what we deliver is nothing short of the best for your skin.

What role do natural ingredients play in REMAKE's products?

Natural ingredients are the heroes in our line-up. We utilize power players like Watermelon, Tangelo, Cucumber, and Green Tea for their rich benefits – hydrating, soothing, and rejuvenating. REMAKE is where nature’s best meets your skin.

How does REMAKE balance science and nature in its ingredients?

We’re striking the perfect balance at REMAKE. It’s where scientific innovation meets nature’s treasures, creating skincare that's both nurturing and effective. This harmony is what makes our products truly stand out.

How does REMAKE ensure the consistency and quality of its ingredients?

At REMAKE, integrity is key – from our formulas to each ingredient. We collaborate with suppliers who are as passionate about quality as we are. It’s about working with experts who deliver ingredients that uphold our high standards, ensuring every REMAKE product reflects our commitment to exceptional skincare.