When it's time to say goodbye to our products, there are eco-friendly options for their next chapter. We've provided guidance on the best ways to give a second life to your REMAKE products.

REMAKE_BAGASSE_SUGARCANE_M1_FEATURE_4d3e870d-5f48-4c64-b30c-c2482f275d5d - REMAKE

Component: Outer Box

Material:  FSC Certified Sugarcane & Bamboo Bagasse

Post Use:  Reuse, Compost or Recycle 


Component: Bottle

Material:  GRS Certified 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic 

Post Use:  Reuse or Recycle 


Component: Pump

 GRS Certified 50% Post-Consumer Plastic

Post Use:
 Reuse or Recycle

Component: Nozzle

 Virgin Plastic

Post Use:
 Reuse or Recycle


Component: Fine Mist Sprayer

 Virgin Plastic

Post Use:
 Reuse or Recycle 

Note: Dispensers listed above are too small to be recycled in household recycle bin. However, they can be recycled at specialized recycling facilities, like your local TerraCycle public dropoff point.


Component: Rubber Band

Material:  90% Natural Rubber

Post Use:  Reuse 


How do I compost REMAKE's REPOD packaging?

Got a home compost setup? Perfect! Just shred or break up REMAKE's REPOD packaging into smaller pieces for quicker composting action. It'll break down in about 3 to 6 months, given the right mix of green and brown compost materials, some moisture, and regular stirring to keep it aerated. It's eco-friendly and super easy!

Can REMAKE's bottles be recycled in my regular recycling bin?

Yes, REMAKE's bottles, made from GRS Certified 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic, can be recycled in most standard household recycling bins. Just make sure they're empty and give them a quick rinse. Check with your local recycling guidelines for any specific requirements.

What are the best ways to reuse REMAKE's pump and nozzle components?

Think outside the box with REMAKE's pump and nozzle. They're perfect for other bottles that need a new lease of life or for your own DIY beauty experiments. Got a green thumb? Use them for misting your plants. These components are tough enough for a second, third, or even fourth life!

How can I reuse REMAKE's rubber bands?

These aren't your average rubber bands! Use them to keep your snack bags sealed or to get your desk clutter under control. They're also great for taming those wild cables and cords. With their high natural rubber content, they're made to last and can handle pretty much anything you throw at them. Plus, you get to be eco-smart with every reuse.