Circular Economy

The beauty of a circular economy, one REMAKE at a time.

At our core, we believe in sustainability that goes beyond just the buzzwords. We have designed our strategy based on the three core concepts of the circular economy. These principles direct us at every stage of our progress:

  1. Designing out waste and pollution
  2. Keeping products and materials in use and 
  3. Regenerating natural systems


At REMAKE, we believe in creating beauty products that are both effective and sustainable. Here's how we're REMAK-ing the beauty industry:

  1. We use recycled and upcycled materials, such as 100% post-consumer plastic and sugarcane/bamboo outer carton. This helps to create a circular economy, reducing waste and lowering carbon emissions associated with manufacturing new packaging materials.
  2. We're committed to reducing packaging waste by using the same bottle and outer box for all our products. This significantly reduces waste, saving resources and energy during manufacturing and transportation.
  3. We strongly believe in supporting local suppliers and ingredients with our "Think Local" approach. We partner with Australian companies for our bottles, formulations, shipping packaging, and transportation to customers to strengthen the local economy and minimise carbon emissions from importing.
  4. By removing unnecessary and harmful ingredients, we're optimizing resource efficiency, minimising wastage, and using less packaging. This reduces energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation. Our commitment to minimalism isn't just good for the environment, it's also good for your skin.
  5. We prioritise social sustainability and support fair trade and ethical labour practices.
  6. We ship our products carbon-neutral to our customers, offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions produced during transportation.
  7. We believe in the well-being of animals, and that's why we only offer vegan and cruelty-free products.

We know that the circular economy requires us to take responsibility for regenerating natural systems. That's why we're proud to offset our carbon emissions with Greenfleeet, where a portion of our profits is dedicated to restoring Australia's native landscapes and biodiversity.