What is Sustainable Skincare?

Imagine your skincare routine as part of a bigger picture—where every product you use not only makes you glow but also does its part for the planet. Sustainable skincare means choosing products that embrace recyclable packaging, shy away from single-use plastics, and prioritise non-toxic, earth-friendly ingredients. It's about reducing our carbon footprint every step of the way, from how products are made to how they arrive at your doorstep. It's skincare that loves your skin and the earth equally.

At REMAKE Skincare, we take pride in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living. Our use of eco-friendly materials, minimal packaging waste, and ethical sourcing make us a leader in the skincare industry. Our vegan formulations, cruelty-free practices, and transparent reporting on environmental initiatives set us apart from brands that engage in greenwashing. By choosing REMAKE Skincare, you can enjoy high-quality skincare products that not only leave your skin glowing but also contribute positively to the planet.

What is Ethical Skincare?

Ethical skincare is the soul of conscious beauty, advocating for products that are gentle on the planet and its inhabitants. It involves minimising environmental impact and ensuring fair trade and ethical labour practices. This form of beauty makes you feel good inside and out, knowing that your choices contribute positively to the world.

We at REMAKE Skincare embody these principles through our dedication to fairness, minimal environmental impact, and cruelty-free practices. Our belief in making a positive difference is evident in our vegan formulations and advocacy for ethical labour and fair trade, ensuring that the beauty you enjoy is as kind to the world as it is to your skin.

What is the Best Eco-friendly Packaging for Skincare?

The gold standard for eco-friendly packaging involves solutions that benefit the planet from production to disposal. Beyond recycled bottles, innovative approaches include biodegradable packaging from plant-based materials, refillable containers, and post-consumer recycled content, contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

Leading by example, we at REMAKE Skincare utilise innovative eco-conscious packaging solutions, such as sugarcane containers and 100% post-consumer recycled plastics. These initiatives highlight our commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable living. We also educate our customers on recycling practices to further empower sustainable choices.

What is Greenwashing in the Skincare Industry?

Greenwashing is a misleading practice where brands claim eco-friendly virtues without substantial evidence, making it challenging to distinguish genuinely sustainable products. This trend underscores the importance of examining a brand's true impact on the environment beyond its marketing.

At REMAKE Skincare, we differentiate ourselves with transparent reporting on our environmental initiatives, including achieving carbon neutrality and aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050. Our detailed sustainability roadmap and active efforts to offset emissions reinforce our commitment to environmental stewardship.

How do you make a skincare routine sustainable?

Adopting a sustainable skincare routine means making informed choices that align with eco-friendly and ethical values. It involves scrutinising product ingredients for sustainability, supporting brands committed to the planet's health, and selecting minimalistic or refillable packaging. Incorporating reusable items and eco-conscious tools further reduces environmental impact.

At REMAKE Skincare, we provide a selection of products that perfectly align with a sustainable beauty ethos. These products feature ingredients beneficial for both your skin and the planet. Our approach to carbon-neutral skincare, combined with active, botanical ingredients, ensures a harmonious balance between achieving radiant, healthy skin and supporting environmental sustainability.

How Can I Make My Skin Hydrated?

To keep your skin feeling supple and hydrated, it's all about finding that sweet spot in your skincare routine. Start off with a gentle cleanser that gives your skin a clean slate without leaving it feeling stripped and dry. Then, slather on a moisturiser loaded with hydrating heroes like hyaluronic acid or glycerin—these babies are like a tall glass of water for your skin. Make sure to moisturise morning and night, locking in all that goodness. Oh, and don't forget to guzzle down some H2O throughout the day and maybe even cozy up to a humidifier if your skin's feeling parched. Trust me, your skin will be glowing with gratitude.

What is the Most Hydrating Thing for Your Skin?

What's the secret to seriously hydrated skin? Hyaluronic acid's got your back—it's like a big gulp of water for your face, holding onto moisture like a pro. This stuff doesn't just chill on the surface; it dives deep, pulling hydration from the air and the depths of your skin to keep things dewy and fresh. And guess what? Snow mushroom joins the hydration party, too. This little fungi buddy is all about locking in moisture and keeping your skin happy and calm. So, if you're after that juicy, plump skin vibe, hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom are your new BFFs. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

How Do You Get Glass Skin?

Let's dive into the ultimate glass skin routine using some powerhouse products to get you glowing like a star. First, kick things off with a double cleanse to whisk away any dirt and grime lurking on your skin's surface. Next, it's time to bring out the big guns—a liquid exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and reveal that fresh, radiant skin underneath. Then, treat yourself to a moisture mask packed with hydrating heroes like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to give your skin that plump, hydrated look. Once your skin's feeling refreshed, it's silicone sheet mask time—these babies lock in all that goodness and give your skin an extra dose of hydration. Trust me, with this lineup, you'll be rocking that glass skin look like a pro in no time.

How Can I Make My Skin Glow?

Ready to light up the room with your glow? It's all about giving your skin the love it craves. Start by treating it to a vitamin C serum moisturiser in the morning—it's like a burst of sunshine for your skin, brightening things up and shielding against environmental nasties. Then, come nighttime, switch gears and pamper your skin with a snow mushroom and hyaluronic acid duo. These hydration powerhouses work while you snooze, leaving your skin plump and radiant come morning. And don't forget the basics—load up on fruits and veggies, get your sweat on with some regular exercise, and catch those Z's like it's your job. Your skin will be beaming with gratitude.

How Do I Fix My Skin Barrier?

Got a wonky skin barrier that's in need of some serious rehab? It's time to give it some extra love and attention. Start by simplifying your skincare routine—say goodbye to harsh cleansers and aggressive exfoliants. Look for products loaded with good-for-you ingredients like ceramides and fatty acids to help rebuild that lipid layer of your skin. And don't forget to keep things hydrated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Give your skin some space to heal by avoiding irritants and allergens—trust me, it'll thank you in the long run.

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