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Why 'Skinimalism' is Your Key to Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

We’ve all noticed it – skincare routines these days just seem to be getting longer and more complicated. Just ask One Direction’s Niall Horan, who recently showed off his 22-step regimen for Vogue’s YouTube channel, to a whopping million views. But if you, like many of us, have gotten sucked into the TikTok-trending, Korean-beauty-influencing world of maximalist skincare routines, there inevitably will come a point where you begin to wonder… is all of this really necessary?

The short answer is, probably not. From a scientific perspective, the more skincare products you use past a certain point, the worse off you’ll be. That’s why here at Remake, we’re champions of a slightly different outlook – a little thing called ‘skinimalism’. If you’ve heard of this cheeky amalgam, you may have just brushed it off as another social media skincare trend, but in fact, a minimalist approach could help you improve your skin’s uptake of essential ingredients, amongst many other benefits. 

If you’ve been toying with the idea of paring back your skincare routine for a while, let this be the nudge you need to give your beauty cabinet a Remake. Keep reading as we answer the big questions – do you really need a skincare routine? How many skincare products are too many? And, most importantly, what products do you actually need for an effective routine? 

Do you really need a skincare routine? 

We see you Googling – many of us on the low maintenance end of the spectrum have found ourselves wondering if no routine is a good thing or a ticket to early-onset wrinkles. Well, we hate to disappoint, but there’s no skimping on a routine of some kind if you want to perfect your complexion. The right skincare will be crucial if you’re looking to reduce acne or breakouts, even out pigmentation, brighten up dull skin, ensure your skin is adequately hydrated, protect against elemental damage, and of course, prolong the physical signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. 

At different points in our lives, our skin concerns change, which is why it pays to have a basic understanding of skincare ingredients, and a simple yet comprehensive routine at the ready that makes space for adaptations along the way. All in all, skincare is a pretty great tool to ensure your complexion stays looking and feeling good for longer, if that’s your thing.

However, if you don’t yet have a skincare routine, don’t fear! There’s still time to step up your game, and that doesn’t mean you need to introduce 10 new products overnight. With a few small tweaks and a couple of great solutions in your routine, it’s just as easy to have glowing, gorgeous skin as someone who uses upwards of 20 products a night (we’re looking at you, Niall…). 

What are the hazards of too much skincare? 

Before we dive into some dos and don’ts for the perfect minimalist skincare routine, let’s explore why a curated, low effort-high reward approach is the right way to go. It all comes down to the age-old saying, ‘less is more’… here are just a few reasons why too much skincare usually isn’t a good thing. 

Moisture depletion

Many of us get started on our skincare journeys to remedy dry skin – but what if we told you that too many products could actually be a catalyst for dehydration? The wrong combination of ingredients can hinder the uptake of moisture, rather than help it, so if you’re looking for that juicy, glowy complexion, paring back your regimen will be 100% worthwhile. 

Conflicting ingredients

Excessively long and complicated skincare routines put users at risk of irritating or seriously damaging their skin as a result of ingredient conflicts. If you’re using lots of actives in your regimen, it can often be hard to keep track of what works best with what, and on the flip side, which ingredients don’t play well together. Accidentally mixing, for instance, retinol and vitamin C could unleash a skincare disaster – which is why it’s important not only to tone down your approach, but also to understand the basics of skincare application. 

Diminished results 

In the world of skincare, too much of a good thing is entirely possible – evidenced by your skin putting up a fight when you go overboard. Overuse of lots of different products can lead to a resistance of sorts, wherein results may become less noticeable, or your skincare faves may stop working entirely.

By avoiding each of these pitfalls caused by too much skincare, you’ll be well on your way to glowier, brighter, and healthier skin.

As well as avoiding potential hazards for your skin, there are also a number of other benefits to adopting a minimal skincare routine – and a minimalist lifestyle on the whole, if you’re so inclined. Depending on which brands you’re using, perhaps one of the biggest kickers is the environmental impact and ensuing waste that comes with overconsumption of skincare. That’s why at Remake, recyclable and reusable packaging is essential to our mission. All of our bottles are 100% post-consumer plastic and feed into a ‘closed loop’ circular economy system, and our outer packaging is made of 100% bamboo and sugarcane pulp bagasse. 

What products should be in your minimalist skincare routine? 

The final piece of the minimalist puzzle is, of course, building a simpler skincare routine that actually works for you and your concerns – and of course, brings about that beautiful, inside-out glow. While everyone’s complexion is different, there are a few products that are non-negotiable and should be in every routine, regardless of skin type.


We all need something to take the day off, whether that’s by removing makeup or simply wiping away dirt and grease accumulated by living your life out in the world. A cleanser with a built-in exfoliant, such as the Remake Hello Tangelo Active Enzyme Cleanser, helps to freshen up the skin whilst also buffing away at imperfections and dead skin cells. 

Face mist

Mists are the bomb-dot-com if you’re trying to get your glow on. Simply spritz for a boost of hydration and skin-loving vitamins and minerals. They’re an easy addition to any routine, as they can be used at various points in your day, whether that’s after you’ve cleansed or to top up the skin’s moisture levels while out and about. Our Teatox Glow Serum Spritz uses green tea and cucumber fortified with hyaluronic acid to deliver natural nourishment. The best bit is, this baby is a mist and a serum, all in one. 


Everyone needs a quality moisturiser in their routine – after all, hydration is the key to healthy skin! Moisturisers come in lots of different shapes and sizes, so it’s easier than ever to find something that directly addresses your unique skincare concerns. The Remake Skin OJ Antioxidant Moisturiser is a must-have for protecting the skin against environmental stressors, and is also incredible at plumping and refreshing the skin for the glow of the century. 


Finally, we think every skincare lover should have a good mask in their arsenal, to use once a week or topically as needed. Masks are great at delivering targeted results, so be sure to select something that’s formulated with active ingredients. Our I Want My-Celium Moisture Mask is fantastic if your skin needs a little TLC, and pairs all-natural snow mushroom, an Eastern medicine fave, with hyaluronic acid to effectively bind moisture to the skin’s stratum corneum. 

Feeling good about the prospect of adopting a simpler skincare routine? We are, too – give yourself a pat on the back! To get started on your journey, Remake is the perfect place to find your new skincare essentials. All of our products are designed to do more with less, and are sustainably formulated, not tested on animals, vegan, and cruelty-free – shop now for your best glow yet.