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All about using hyaluronic acid for skin nourishing benefits

Every now and then, a skincare ingredient comes along that’s just too good to pass up, regardless of your skin type or what’s currently standing in the way of you and perfect, flaw-free skin. Hyaluronic acid, commonly known by its abbreviation HA, is one of those ingredients. A wonder at hydrating the skin, locking down moisture, and addressing myriad skin concerns in the process, HA is a must-add to every skincare routine if you’re looking to unlock an effortless, dewy glow.

Ready to dig into the magic of hyaluronic acid and harness it for your own skin health? Keep reading to learn more about what exactly this ingredient does, and how you can incorporate it into your daily product line-up. 

What is hyaluronic acid? 

A ‘humectant’ by nature, at its core, hyaluronic acid retains moisture and binds it to the skin, which means it’s ideal for keeping our skin’s hydration levels nice and high. In fact, HA is at the top of its game when it comes to retaining moisture – it can bind a massive one thousand times its weight in water, meaning a tiny molecule can achieve big things for your skin. 

HA is found naturally in a few places in the body, such as our skin, eyes, and joints, where its primary role is to provide lubrication for pain-free movement. However, just like other key substances for skin health such as collagen, as our bodies age, HA production can drop quite significantly. This means that along with creaky knees, our skin can lose that plump, dewy, and moisturised look as time passes. A number of other lifestyle factors can impact HA production in the body, such as smoking, UV radiation from the sun, and exposure to pollution. So, it pays not only to have hyaluronic acid products in your routine, but to take other precautions to keep your HA levels high, such as wearing sunscreen and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. 

What are hyaluronic acid’s benefits for the skin? 

While hyaluronic acid’s main job is to keep our skin hydrated, it has a number of other benefits, and as a result, has been found to address an array of skin concerns. 

Promoting skin elasticity

Aside from locking in all the good, juicy stuff, another HA superpower is its ability to keep the skin flexible. If the skin can flex and ‘bend’ easily in response to the stressors of daily life (such as sleeping, frowning, smiling, and so on) then it’s less likely to form fine lines and wrinkles. So, think of adding HA to your routine as the perfect way to get ahead of the ageing 8-ball. Of course, hydration is also key to combating the visible signs of ageing, as moisture promotes skin elasticity and that supple, smooth appearance. 

Reducing redness and inflammation

Some studies have found that hyaluronic acid plays a role in promoting wound healing, which makes it a fantastic choice for those experiencing redness and inflammation, especially if those symptoms add up to rosacea. By applying topical hyaluronic acid serums or moisturisers, the skin will receive a boost of hydration, which in turn, can quickly reduce the excessive dryness or flakiness that often contributes to irritated, itchy, red skin. Although it’s got ‘acid’ in the name, HA is also very gentle. This paired with the fact that it’s naturally found in the body makes it a go-to skincare ingredient for anyone who experiences extreme sensitivities or red, raw, painful skin flare-ups. 

Protecting the skin against stressors

We’ve all heard it before – perhaps the biggest danger to our skin is, sadly, our natural environment. While we can lather on the SPF 50+ to protect ourselves against the potentially horrific effects of UV radiation from sun exposure, it’s a little harder to effectively address the pollutants that we can’t see, but inherently encounter in daily life. A major stressor is free radicals, which are small chemical particles that can slowly chip away at our skin barrier, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, uneven pigmentation, and dullness. They’re found all over the place, including in our foods, the air we breathe, and the external or environmental pollutants we’re all exposed to from buildings, cars, and so on. 

Thankfully, hyaluronic acid is a great protector against free radicals. It does this by strengthening and enhancing the skin’s natural barriers by delivering hydration that the body may be losing due to ageing or external factors. As a result, free radicals have less of an effect on overall skin health and fewer visible manifestations of damage, such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

Controlling sebum production 

Hyaluronic acid can deliver the goods for acne and breakout-prone skincare lovers, too. A 2017 study found that the regular use of HA decreased sebum production in those with oily skin, which consequently can reduce the occurrence or severity of breakouts and acne cysts. There’s a common misconception that oily skin equals too much water, but in reality, it’s often the opposite (say it with us; ‘oily skin needs moisture!’). 

On the other hand, if your skin is overly dry, your sebum production may be out of whack, making HA the perfect addition to get this under control and consequently minimise any pesky spots. Either way, by including a hydrating product like HA that has the ability to top up and balance out the skin’s moisture levels, you’ll be doing your bit to fight against breakouts and, with the right routine, nip acne in the bud. Plus, something to always keep in mind is that hyaluronic is gentle and naturally found in the body, which innately makes it a good choice if you are experiencing sensitivity or flare-ups of acne. 

How to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine

Now that you’re ready to sell your soul to the HA gods in exchange for glowing skin (aren’t we all…), let’s look at how you could incorporate it into your existing routine. Because HA is a little more active than, say, pure plant-based ingredients like fruits and veggies, there are a couple of things to consider, including how you use it and any potential products to avoid pairing it with. 

How to use hyaluronic acid products

Seeing as hyaluronic acid’s main goal is to lock in moisture, it must be applied in conjunction with or as part of a physically moisturising or hydrating product for best results. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of actually dehydrating your skin, as the HA molecule will have no water to cling on to, and so, it’ll mine it from deep within your skin. 

If you’re using a HA serum, apply it onto damp skin as the second-to-last step in your skincare routine, and follow with a moisturiser. Alternatively, if your hyaluronic acid is incorporated into a moisturiser, it’s the perfect final step – just make sure there is moisture on your skin when you lather on your favourite gel or cream. HA is also found in apply-any-time sprays and spritzes, which offer an amazing boost of moisture both on the skin’s surface and deep within its layers if applied according to these rules.

One of the best bits about HA is that there are no conflicts to be aware of, hence its holy grail status for many skincare aficionados. Simply pick up your fave HA product and add it into your routine. The vast majority of users will see no adverse effects from hyaluronic acid, however as always, we recommend patch testing on your hand prior to your first use, especially if you have easily irritated skin. 

Remake’s go-to hyaluronic acid products 

Our favourite skincare products that are formulated with skin-feeding HA are the Teatox Glow Serum Spritz, the Skin OJ Antioxidant Moisturiser, and the I Want My-Celium Moisture Mask

The Teatox Glow Serum Spritz is the ultimate pick-me-up for any point throughout the day, and includes hyaluronic acid formulated with amazing antioxidants like green tea and cucumber. Because cucumber in particular is ultra-hydrating, this provides the perfect setting for the HA to work its magic and lock in moisture without additional steps. The result? A product you can keep in your bag, at your desk, or in your car to give you a super-speedy boost of long-lasting moisture. 

The Skin OJ Antioxidant Moisturiser, on the other hand, is a dream product to tack right at the end of your skincare routine. Akin to filler in a bottle, Skin OJ is all about plumping, hydrating, and brightening the skin in one fell swoop. With HA at its core, it’s the perfect product to use morning and night on damp skin that’s ready to drink in all that moisture.

Lastly, the I Want My-Celium Moisture Mask pairs hyaluronic acid with a trendy new ingredient that has deep roots in Chinese medicine – snow mushroom! Together, these amazing actives create a soothing and hydrating mask that can be applied as necessary to give you a glow, quick-smart, or weekly to maintain that dewy appearance.

Looking for hydration that simply doesn’t quit? Pair MNIMLY’s Teatox Glow Serum Spritz and Skin OJ Antioxidant Moisturiser together for optimal results that’ll leave your skin dewier than you’ve ever seen before. And, before you go, don’t forget to explore our full range of complementary, no-fuss, skin perfecting products for the simple skincare lover – it really is that easy.